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Who we are

PR Clique is a boutique agency that supports business and individual projects and causes in their communication needs by creating and implementing creative, strategic, and integrated local and national campaigns. We are a group of experienced PR and marketing professionals with years of experience in both agency and corporate environments. We work driven by the desire to be a trusted and reliable partner and to create successful collaborations with our clients with the feeling of working in a team that leads to the realization of the desired results and goals.

"Success accepts no excuses.
Failure allows no apologies."


Development and management of communication strategies

Organizing and managing events

Relations with media and institutions

Employer branding and internal communications

Digital communications

Visual content


Crisis communications

“Logic can get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein



My education and professional path have always been related to PR and communications. My 20 years of communications experience have been gained in both agency and corporate environments. The combination of theoretical background and practical experience enables me to create projects and campaigns that cover more aspects of service and product communication. I like to meet and work with different people and companies and, gaining additional knowledge and experience with each new project, I enrich my expertise and become a better partner.
I believe that the creation and development of good communications in any company - both within the organization itself and directed to external audiences - is one of the main pillars of its management and an important part of the success of its activity.